I need marriage help I want to grow in my faith I like to read stories

My mission is to help people believe God and build great marriages. I also love writing stories.

If you’re like me, your circumstances and your feelings often scream so loudly that God seems to get lost in all the noise. Fear, worry and anxiety can take over and rob us of the joy and peace God intends for us to enjoy. The key is to know the truth about God, yourself and life. When we do, Jesus says we’ll be set free.

As for marriage, is there anything tougher than two broken (like all of us are) people becoming one? Naturally, we’re selfish. We want things our way. We don’t always feel like sacrificing and serving. Of course, when we give in to what comes naturally, we begin to drift away from each other. On the other hand, moving toward one another takes intentional effort. But it’s always worth it.

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